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Wood EARRING PIERCING Body Jewelry Body jewelry made of wood is both beautiful and versatile. It's lightweight, so even a largely stretched piercing stays pretty comfortable. Wood comes in a variety of colors and hardness, from reedy bamboo to rock-solid ebony. Although most raw woods are relatively safe DAITH EARRINGS, there are some that could be considered toxic to the skin. Also, potentially irritating dyes and other chemicals are sometimes added to enhance the wood's natural beauty. The severity of the reaction to these toxins varies from person to person. Make sure that your organic body jewelry supplier is well versed on the subject and guarantees their product to be safe. Wood isn't recommended for unhealed piercings or long-term wear. It shouldn't be saturated or overheated—remove jewelry before swimming, bathing, or entering a sauna. You can safely clean it with mild soap and a small amount of water, but be sure to dry it immediately. WHOSALE BODY JEWELRY Lightly treat it once a week with jojoba or olive oil to prevent cracking. Tea tree oil can also be used for cleaning and to add sheen.
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